Monday, November 28, 2011

Choosing a High Quality Tie

As we all know, women are most likely to be very detailed when it comes to accessories, fashion and their whole clothing. While their main accessories are heels and make ups, men are sure to have their own as well and for most, it will always be the ties.

Talking about the versatility, be it in a formal way or a little less formal, ties are the number one accessory that they won’t let go. But nowadays, ties can be worn in many other ways and it’s not limited to formal suit anymore. As what you can see with other music icons, ties are part of their funky style paired with bright colored or even a plain white shirt with skinny type jeans.

However, though men often use ties, clearly, it is never easy for them to choose a specific tie that will suit a certain occasion especially if you are the type who doesn’t give much consideration and attention with fashion. Usually, they pair it with their suit and in choosing the best ties, they also have to consider the personality of the ones wearing it.

In buying or choosing a tie, it is always essential to consider its quality because this will be the basis of its life. You have to be very keen when it comes to its peculiar characteristics for you to have the best tie that will suit your outfit. Do not give too much attention with the price. It doesn't literarily mean that when a tie is expensive, it’s automatically a high quality tie.

In addition, one of the best indicators of a tie is its diagonal cut. With this, you’ll have a guarantee that you are not going to end up with a twisted tie while wearing it as it is tied well. Fabrics that are cut on a bias will give you a neat and formal appearance along with your outfit.

Another important indicator is the material used. Paying attention with this will surely help you to have a tie that will last for a long time. Keep in mind that a high quality tie should have a soft fabric. For most men, they prefer silk neckties because it usually last longer and don’t lose the shape and most especially, the color doesn’t fade. Though silk neckties are expensive, there are other alternatives that can be compared to silk ties when it comes to its quality. Polyester or silk-polyester is more budget friendly, however, it doesn’t look as stunning or classy compared to silk ones.

Investing with expensive silk ties will definitely give the best quality. You are sure to be able to use it for a longer period of time unlike those inexpensive ones that might end up having loose threads and faded colors. And just when you thought that you spent lesser amount of money when you bought the tie, you will then realize that it causes you more because you have to buy a new one because your old one is best kept inside your wardrobe.

Next thing that you have to consider is the lining. Most linings are made of 100% wool and produce extra thickness and durability to the tie. This means that having a high quality tie should maintain a high quality of wool to ensure that the necktie’s shape is appropriate and firm.

In order for you to test the quality of tie, you can also consider stretching it or giving it a good tug. By doing this, you are sure to have the best shape, good quality of fabric and 100% wool lining tie that can last longer that you expect.

And since you now have a clear idea how to choose a high quality tie, always have time to double check or scrutinize all details. Have a more imaginative taste and experiment with the colors and styles that you need to have. Always take note the various key points mentioned above for you to have a longer lasting high quality tie that you can surely wear with confidence.

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