Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Office Improvement

Since, 2011 is fast approaching we need to have a strategic planning to ensure our company is ready when the year begins. I asked my staff to list down potential improvements for our department. One potential improvement is to use a paperless office software in which we tend to save on paper cost. This is indeed a good suggestion, but still we need to check also the cost involved if we implement this one. We must weigh the pros & cons if we implement this paperless scheme in our department.


  1. More and more offices are actually implementing a paperless working environment. Aside from saving on paper cost, they are doing this in support of the green advocacy.

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  2. While a paperless office is a brilliant idea to cut paper cost and trash in the office, the technology is far from finished or polished. This is why many companies are still investing on printing and hiring shredding services Orange County.

  3. Going paperless in the office is a good improvement, especially now that there are a lot of computer software that could be helpful for you. You must be very careful in transferring your files to its electronic versions so you won't miss a portion or some files. document imaging