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Receiving and Sending Fax Using Android Phones

Smartphones are quickly turning out to be the dominant type of mobile devices for communications around the world.

Genesis of Android

Since the advent of Android operating system in late 2003, smartphone hardware capabilities have become increasingly powerful and complex to accommodate a plethora of applications and features desired by the consumers around the world.

In 2005, Google Inc., acquired Android Inc., the parent of Android operating system and infused it with millions of dollars to develop its potential further.

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By the end of 2011, Android became the largest operating system by marketshare on smartphones. Since smartphones are capable of much more than making phone calls, there has been a desire to integrate as many functions inside these devices as possible.

Why Use Android for Faxing?

Apart from video phone calls, e-mail, Internet, and video recording, sending online faxes is one function which is a very welcome addition. Sending and receiving faxes through smartphones is not only quick, affordable and painless, it also removes the hassle of owning a faxing machine and paying for its maintenance costs. Since Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system on the market today, it makes perfect sense for smartphone users to use its fax capabilities as much as possible and get rid of the fax machines in their offices, homes and mobile businesses to save money.

Apps to Fax Using Android

To incorporate email fax services capabilities to Android you first need a suitable App which can help you send and receive faxes with the least amount of hassle and time. There are many App developers who provide Apps which can be downloaded and used as interfaces to send faxes.

Some fax services require a monthly fee for sending and receiving faxes. The user can send as many faxes as he wants to multiple recipients in a single-step function. On the other hand, some online fax services have an App which can be used for free to send and receive faxes worldwide through a smartphone, although your phone company may charge you data transfer fees depending upon the type of contract you have with your provider.


To use an internet faxing service, simply download an App to your Android device using the App search and download function and follow the instructions provided. Once it is downloaded, log in to your account, and the user interface will allow you to type a cover page, load the fax files, and pick and choose the phone numbers of the parties you want the fax to be sent. Once you're done with these three simple steps, all you have to do is click the send button and Voila! You are done.

Isn't it fun faxing with a smartphone which has Android OS?

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